AEV Borah — Satin Black

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AEV’s popular and versatile Borah DualSport Wheel is now available for the 2018+ JL Wrangler and Gladiator truck! As the name implies, this is not another one-size-fits all aftermarket wheel – it is specifically designed for the JL Wrangler, paying close attention to its unique offset, back spacing and center cap bore requirements. The Borah’s unique offset of +25mm, works perfectly with the JL Wrangler’s variety of fender flare styles and provides the optimal balance of tire clearance, scrub radius and handling. The JL Borah wheel is available in a number of customizable configurations with either a fully-functional Beadlock Ring for running very low tire pressure off-road, a Protection Ring designed for street use as well as additional wheel protection off-road, or no ring for a simple, minimalist look. Both the Beadlock and Protection Rings are interchangeable, giving you the flexibility to run a Protection Ring on the street or upgrade to a functional Beadlock Ring for off-road use. The JL Borah is available now in either an Onyx or Satin Black finish – Onyx/Machined, Galaxy Black and Galaxy Black/Machined are all coming soon! The optional Beadlock Ring and Protection ring are both available in a silver or onyx finish that can easily be painted for a truly customized appearance.