Bombshell Diff Cover Dana 44 Black PC Poison Spyder

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Bombshell Diff Cover Dana 44 Black PC. Bombshell Poison Spyder Bombshell Diff Covers are designed to protect your gears, lockers and diff cover bolts from the Most punishing rocks and trail hazards. The Stock covers your Jeep came with are weak, stamped sheet metal. Even a moderate tap with a rock can cave it in against your ring gear, causing potential damage to the gears, locker and carrier bearings, Not to mention a difficult, messy trail fix.

Even more common, though less catastrophic, is peel back that can occur when sliding over a rock causes the lip of the cover to peel up, allowing your gear oil to drain causing a hazard for both your Jeep and the environment. The Bombshell Diff Cover is your best insurance against each of these hazards.
The Dana 44 Bombshell can Now be used on Stock Jeep Wrangler JK and TJ, front or rear axles, with no requirement for aftermarket track bars or suspension modifications! Now you can install the Bombshell Dana 44 Diff Cover on to your bone Stock Jeep, straight off the showroom floor! This re-design also includes moving the gear oil fill hole to the Stock fluid level height so there is no more research, guesswork or measuringsimply fill the diff to the level of the fill hole.

The Dana 44 Bombshell differential cover is cast from highly ductile nodular ironthe same material drag racing differential housings are cast from to handle thousands of horsepower. The design of the Bombshell incorporates recesses to protect the diff cover bolt heads from trail damage, while the profile of the Bombshell acts as a ramp to help slide your Jeep up and over the Most troublesome pumpkin-eaters. The ramp profile also results in an extremely thick and up to 1 inch thickcross-section around the bolt ring, where contact with the rocks is Most likely.

Throughout the rest of its cross-section the Bombshell is the thickest cast differential cover on the market, from 7/16 inch to a brutal 1/2 inch thick at the outerMost surface.
Installing the Bombshell is fast and easy. The sealing surface has been CNC machined flat for a perfect seal. Poison Spyder provides a tube of silicon sealant and new Grade 8 hardware so you will have everything you need except for tools and gear oil.
Bombshells are shipped either bare so that you may powdercoat or paint to suit your own preference, or powdercoated semi-gloss black.

  • Cast nodular iron up to 1/2 inch thick!
  • Ramp profile to help slide the vehicle up over rocks
  • Recessed bolt heads to protect them from damage
  • Grade 8 hardware and silicon sealant included
  • Semi-gloss black powdercoat finish