JL/JT Rubicon: Dana 44 Front and Rear Diff Cover Kit - Bare Steel

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Motobilt Dana 44 Front and Rear Differential Cover Kit Sit Tight to your Differential for Dragging Over Rocks Different than driving on paved public streets, off-road driving makes your differential susceptible to dirt and debris that could damage your engine's ability to provide power to your front and rear axles. For full steering and handling stability, you need a set of differential covers for your off-road vehicle. The Motobilt Dana 44 Front and Rear Differential Cover Kit includes a set of front and rear differential covers. These covers feature a 3/8" thick bare steel construction that keep sit from detaching from the housing when rock crawling. You can be comfortable trekking the challenging trails knowing your differentials will be properly protected. Design Allows for Easy Access The Motobilt Dana 44 Front and Rear Differential Cover Kit features a 1/4" steel plate design with 3/4" NPT fill plug which allows for easy access. This is especially important if you commonly use a truss system. Each of the front and rear differential covers are welded on the inside and outside to ensure maximized strength and penetration. These covers come bare and unfinished because they are intended to take off-road abuse. For making the periodical touch-up, you can use store bought spray paint which should work perfectly. The bolts and fill plug are also included with this kit.




  • Made of 3/16-inch bare steel plate
  • Ships raw metal and will need to be painted
  • This guard will protect the wiring harness plug that goes into the top of the differential
  • 220 RBI (Model 44) Rear Axle – EDL Fluid Capacity: 3.06 Pints/1.45 Liters
  • 210 FBI (Model 44) - Front Axle 2.18 Pints/1.03 Liters
  • Fits 2018 and up Jeep JL Rubicon Dana 44's only

Parts Included:

  • Rear Diff
  • Front Diff
  • E-gLocker Guard for rear
  • 9/16 allen head - For the fill plug
  • 12-point 8 mm socket and ratchet