HD RGB Accent Whip Light Kit (Single)

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Add some unique style to your Jeep with these Quake LED HD RGB Accent Whip Lights. The ultra bright RGB colors will allow the use of many lighting effects and color sequences. A great choice for those evening Jeep shows. This kit is sold as an all inclusive package including an Inline Receiver with RF Remote control and even a highly visible trail flag. Sold as a pair or single and available in multiple lengths. Light up the darkness.

Quake Ultimate RGB Color: The name "RGB" comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors which are red, green, and blue. By mixing these colors you can create up to 316 Lighting effects with the Quake technology. Quake offers the RGB effects in many of their products, so you can completely customize your Jeep with the ultimate light show. Great for shows, events, and showing off to your friends.

LED Light Whip Features:

  • Ultra bright Color HD LED Technology - 316 Lighting effects
  • Beam Color - HD RGB Accent
  • Color Temperature - 6000K
  • Functions - Accent/Flash/Fade/Strobe/Chase
  • Inline Receiver with RF Remote control
  • Heavy duty shock spring
  • High visibility Offroad Orange Trail Flag
  • 1 Foot Connector Wire to Controller
  • 6 Foot Controller to Battery Power Cord
  • IP67 Waterproof / IP68 Waterproof connectors
  • Life Span Expectancy - 50,000 Hours


Please Note: Cannot split the normal Single HD inline controller to control two HD Whip Lights