High Quality RCA Ultra Flex 16 Feet DS18

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Dual Twist RCA Cable, 16 Foot Long. DS18 is a leading electronics manufacturer specializing in Mobile, Marine and Home Electronic equipment.

DS18 was created and developed by a team of young and determined professionals who understand the needs in today's audio industry.

Offering several series of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, midranges, cables, accessories, component sets and much more DS18 guarantees to satisfy customers seeking a wide assortment of products.


  • 16 Foot Long
  • Dual Twist
  • Core wire outer diameter: 7.3 mm with nylon braid sleeving for more electromagnetic and physical protection
  • Terminal wire outer diameter: 4 x (4mm) with foil and PVC jacket High quality split wire with screw-down point RCA plug with silver-plated tip and metal body
  • Low-Loss soldering wire with PVC molding protection Dual twist wire for noise rejection