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Jeep Wrangler JL Gladiator JT 9.5 x 0.75 Inch Slim Chop Kit DRL with Sequential Switchback Turn Signal and Side Marker Light

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  • Jeep JL/JT Sahara/Overland Fender DRL Chop Kit

  • Plug and play wire harness – 1 Pair

  • Mounting Hardware – 1 Set Allen Wrench – 1pc

  • Zip Ties – x8


Sequential Switchback Turn Signal: The amber sequential turn signals mark the direction of your turn signal for others to follow. It has three phases of amber lights that enlarge as they flash. Then, all the lights extinguish at the same time and the sequence is repeated over again. This unique feature will make your Jeep stand out and create a safer driving experience.


  • Low Profile DRL Chop Kit with Sequential Switchback Turn Signals and Amber Side Markers

  • Deletes lower Fender while adding upper Fender support

  • 100% Plug in Play design! (No cutting or splicing required)

  • Will fit both Halogen or LED Jeep JL or JT models

  • No 3D printed lens which are easy to crack and fade yellow

  • Extremely strong steel bracket design

  • No Dashboard Messages, Errors or Hyper-flashing

  • Operating voltage of 12VDC

  • DOT and SAE Compliant

  • Very low power consumption

  • Bracket Material: Laser Cut Precision Steel

  • Lens Material: Impact Resistant Poly-Carbonate

  • IP67 Rating (protection against dust/water ingress)

  • Long life expectancy of over 50,000+ hours

  • Quake Construction for the Ultimate Performance On & Off-road