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JK 2dr: 3" Suspension System w/ 4 Sport Control Arms – No Shocks

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The TeraFlex JK 2dr: 3" Suspension System w/ 4 Sport Control Arms delivers everything required to lift your 2-door JK Wrangler to tackle weekend trails while maintaining on-road drivability for the weekday commute. Features front lower and rear upper preset Sport Control Arms HD Forged Adjustable Front Track Bar and rear track bar bracket to optimize suspension geometry. Every TeraFlex suspension system is engineered with drivability and performance in mind. Properly developed suspension geometry roll center and load tuning ensures that all factory stability controls remain functional and within the parameters that Jeep originally engineered into the vehicle. Not only do TeraFlex kits drive straight but they will crawl over anything to get you there and back!


TeraFlex Suspension Systems include all the components necessary to raise your Jeep for more off-road ground clearance while maintaining good drivability on- and off-road.