JK: C.A. Geo Correction Bracket

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Maximus-3 Front Control Arms Geometry Correction Brackets dramatically improve handling performance and overall ride quality as well as improve steering feel and control, both on and off paved roads. These brackets correct caster angle and reduce front driveshaft operating angle by re-positioning the front control arms at the chassis end such that they operate within a corrected angle and geometrical arrangement.

This easy to install solution is designed to work with any conventional 3” - 4.5” aftermarket suspension lifts and it eliminates the need for adjustable control arms.


  • Corrects and improves ride quality by correcting the operating angle of the front control arms to flatter angle. This allows the control arms to operate flat and direct road bumps upwards into the coil spring instead of back ward directly into the control arms joints and the chassis frame where they create harsh ride and poor handling.
  • Corrects caster angle by redefining the geometrical behavior of the front control arms to operate in proper caster angle range. This eliminates the need for adjustable control arms.
  • Reduces the front driveshaft operating angle such that the CV joint and the pinion operate at optimal angle within the articulation cycles. This results in reduced stresses on the CV joint and tear on the rubber CV boots.
  • Corrects anti-dive geometry of the suspension which improves handling and steering control during hard braking.
  • Reduces feel of bump-steer.
  • Integrated backup approach skid prevents getting caught up on rocks and obstacles.
  • Bolts to factory mounting points (bolt-on install with no drilling or cutting required).