JL: Front Inner Fender Liner (3.6L, 2.0L) - Unfinshed

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We spent a great deal of time designing this liner to keep with our goals of maximizing wheel well clearance, maintain engine bay coverage and ensure compatibility with the Falcon series shocks including the 3.3 without modification. After some serious design time and careful placement of bends and a unique pocket design we were able to achieve all of our goals. We developed a pocket that not only works well for Falcon’s it works as a perfect mounting location for many other remote reservoir shocks or rock lights. 

Recognizing the probability of customers mounting reservoirs or lights to the liners we wanted to make sure there would be sufficient strength incorporated into the design to withstand the strains of a life off road. By using .090” aluminum and following as closely to the underside of the wheel well we added strength through a series of complex bends and weld seams. If we were to simply use a flat piece of aluminum with a few bends the vibration of driving down the road alone would lead to premature failure much less contending with the additional weight of a reservoir being mounted to it. Careful consideration and testing goes into every product but this one definitely took some time to ensure it would be worthy of the Nemesis name.

If you are concerned with having enough clearance for 40”+ tires and have the 3.6L or 2.0L engine check out our Ultimate Clearance liners for that additional room. 

Installation is straightforward, however if you are running the Falcon 3.3 shocks the shock will need to be removed to complete the install of the liner. 


Product Compatibility:

  • Currently we are unaware of any compatibility issues with this product
  • If you have questions about fitment with your specific build please contact us at info@nem-ind.com

Specialty Tools Required to Complete the Installation:

  • Nutsert tool with a ¼” - 20 mandrel (Available under the tools section of the website) 
  • “W” size drill bit (Available under the tools section of the website)