JL/JT: Front Recovery Loop

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JL Recovery Loops are engineered from 3/4" heavy duty steel and mounts directly to the Chassis rail frame using factory and provided hardware. Designed for the JL factory bumpers (Steel & Plastic) Works with most aftermarket steel bumpers. These Recovery Loops are designed to work with 3/4 " D-rings and 7/8” pin. Comes in black or red powder coat. Requires cutting of the bumper and skid plate (or air dam.)

IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE FLAT TOWING YOUR JEEP BEHIND A MOTORHOME/RV, ETC, We highly recommend the Maximus-3 Towing Tie Rod for anyone who flat tows the Jeep with Maximus-3 Recovery Loops. The Maximus-3 Towing Tie Rod will triangulate your tow bar at the adapters connections to keep your towing load forces straight into the setup and preventing any side stress loads especially during braking and hard turns.

This is the safest way to tow your Jeep to avoid premature failure of the product and damage to your Jeep and is also a fail-safe measure in the event of towing brake system (surge brakes system) malfunction or failure.



  • Designed specifically to fit JL factory bumpers. Also works with most aftermarket steel bumpers
  • Made of 3/4" thick steel – Flat Laser, welding
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Durable red gloss powder coat finish or textured black powder coat
  • Added weight:. 10 LBS (approx.)
  • Versatile design to allow for different tow bars
  • Made in The United States