JL/JT Steering Stabilizer

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The AEV Steering Damper for JL Wrangler/Gladiator is an upgrade over the OEM steering damper and is designed specifically for vehicles with suspension lifts and larger tires. Developed in partnership with Bilstein USA, the AEV Steering Damper offers a significant improvement in both steering and handling because it is more efficient at dampening minute movements and vibrations that are often amplified in vehicles with larger tires. The AEV Steering Damper is recommended for anyone with a 2" AEV Spacer Lift or 2.5" AEV DualSport RT Suspension System but is also the ideal solution for anyone looking to upgrade the problematic OEM damper found on these vehicles. The AEV Steering Damper is painted dark gray metallic to match the Bilstein 5100 shocks that are included in our 2.5? DualSport RT Suspension System