JL: Roof Rack System

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Introducing the new Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System with Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. This low profile, high capacity roof rack system will increase your cargo carrying load on your next overland or expeditionary trip. Designed to fit the 2018 JL 4-door with factory hardtop. This system works great for mounting a roof-top-tent. Add style and function with our optional heavy-duty Side Ladders.

The Maximus-3 Roof Rack System mounts with heavy-duty steel legs and internal load bearing brackets to transfer cargo weight to the JL sports-bar “roll bar” The mounting assembly comes with rubber gaskets to provide a leak-free seal. Our design allows for removal of the Freedom Panels.

Sleek & Truly Low Profile:
The Roof Rack is a sleek, stylish, and truly low profile. Designed for better aerodynamics and virtually no wind noise. Rack adds 2.25” (rail kit adds another 2.5”)

Strong & Spacious
Dynamic Load: 300 pounds. Static Load: over 900 pounds distributed, tested & proven
“What’s Included: Maximus-3 Roof Rack Mounting System & Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. Optional accessories sold separately”



  • Designed specifically to fit the JL 4-door with factory hardtop.
  • Aerodynamically designed to minimize wind drag and noise on the road
  • The hardtop can be removed without having to dismantle the roof rack/platform
  • The steel mount assembly is well sealed with rubber gaskets to prevent leakage
  • Optional Side ladder provides foot stepping and easy access to your cargo
  • The platform is available is two sizes: 60”x 54” and 76”x 54”
  • The platform is truly low profile adding only 2.25” to overall vehicle height (rail kits add another 2.5”)
  • The platform still allows removal of OE Freedom Top panels
  • The platform is made from strong and durable materials
  • The platform is versatile and is compatible with many existing accessories
  • The platform features T-slot channels for tie down points
  • Optional full rail, back and side rails are available to be added to the platform
  • Durable fine textured black powder coat finish
  • Added weight: 60 Lb. (approx.)
  • Maximus-3 Mounting System & Ladders = Made in the USA
  • Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform and Accessories = Made in Australia
  • NB: Maximus-3 Pioneer Roof Rack system is not compatible with 2-door JL Wrangler. Will not work for soft-top’s