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Yeti XD JK Pro-Series Aluminum Tie-Rod Adjuster Sleeve

Sizing guide

STEER SMARTS™ present our most EXTREME Tie Rod A Adjuster “The YETI XD™ Pro-Series” Aluminum Tie Rod Adjuster Tubes for JK/JKU. Select either Standard or Rubicon length.

The YETI XD Tie Rod is a direct bolt-on Upgrade for any JK Wrangler with the YETI XD Tie Rod The YETI XD Installs just minutes and there is no need to modify or alter your Jeep.



      • Easy bolt-on installation.

      • Engineered for proper clearance to other chassis components to eliminate interferences.

      • Tie Rod adjuster is manufactured from large 1-3/4" diameter solid high strength 7075 Aluminum for maximum strength.

      • Pro-Series Adjuster clamps assure proper clamp force using conventional tools without the possible risk of loosening like large jam nuts.

      • Designed with right-hand and left-hand threads for quick and easy adjustment when installed on the vehicle.

      • Hard coated for long term serviceability and durability.

      • Direct replacement for Yeti XD Tie Rod with Chromoly adjuster tube




      • Clamps need to be torqued to 80-85 ft lbs, and should be oriented so that they do not interfere with anything else (generally facing forward or down). Clamp torque need to be checked at 500 miles, and then again at 2000 miles. After that, every oil change the torque specs should be checked as well as after any hard wheeling/off-roading.